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9. ročník Theatre Architecture Competition

Vyhlášení soutěže v anglickém jazyce:

TAC2015 -Floating Theatre
9th Theatre Architecture Competition
June 9-11, 2015
Exhibition at Stage | Set | Scenery Berlin, Germany

The Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) is an international ideas competition, aimed at students and emerging practitioners, organised by OISTAT Architecture commission.

TAC2015 will take place at the Stage| Set| Scenery conference and exhibition organised by the DTHG (German OISTAT Centre) in Berlin from 9-11 June 2015. For TAC2015, the competitors are invited to design a floating theatre that can be moored at a particular location on the Spree river in Berlin, Germany.

Competitors are to design a theatre for a particular performance, defined by themselves. They are also encouraged to collaborate with other practitioners such as directors, designers, technicians, actors, dancers, musicians, or students in those fields.

For more information and download complete design brief, please go to TAC2015 Official Website. For questions, please submit them to archcom@oistat.org by November 17, 2014. All answers will be posted at the TAC2015 Q&A Section by November 24, 2014.

The Schedule for the Competition will run as follows:

13 October 2014         Issue of the Design Brief and Competition Conditions

17 November 2014      Closing date for questions

27 March 2015            Final date for despatch of entries and payment

11-14 April 2015         Jury meeting and report

16 April 2015              Notification of prize-winners

9-11 June 2015           Exhibition of prize-winning and selected entries at Stage, Set, Scenery in Berlin

9 June 2015                Official Announcement and prize-giving

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