Česká organizace scénografů, divadelních architektů a techniků

Salon of Czech Scenography

The Salon of Czech and Slovak Scenography 2018
Place: ND Reduta, Brno
Exhibition opening:  4.  5. 2018, 17.30
Exhibition: 5. – 30. 5. 2018 9,00-18,00 (later according to the events in the theatre)
Off programme:
INTERNATIONAL SCENOGRAPHY SYMPOSIUM HALF-LIFE 4.1 / 25. 5., 11,00-16,30 Tržnice Brno, Zelný trh 14-16, Brno
SHOWCASE S-HOW & T-ELL / 25. 5., 20,00, Tržnice Brno, Zelný trh 14-16, Brno

The Salon of Czech and Slovak Scenography 2018 presents works of Czech and Slovak scenographers and allows it’s complex reception and reflection. A platform, that connects the professionals and students of scenography and invites them to show their work (sound and lighting design, costume designs, video-art and other disciplines from the art of scenography). The Salon of Czech and Slovak Scenography 2018 aims to present the scenography works from past four years and to become a meeting point for the artists.

Fourth edition of the project, since it’s renewal in 2013, will take place in Národní divadlo Reduta, Brno, in May 2018. It has two main specifics: Due to the fact that 2018 is an important jubilee of Czech-Slovak history, the exhibition Salon of Czech Scenography (OD Kotva, November 2017) extended this year, and invited Slovak scenographers as well. The original number of 27 Czech authors was, in collaboration with the Slovak Theatre Institute Bratislava and PRO SCENA association, completed with 19 Slovak scenographers. Also, the whole exhibition will move to the Umelka Gallery in Bratislava in the end of 2018.
The second important ambivalence is the fact, that the exhibition will be going on at the same time and in cooperation with the Divadelní svět Brno theatre festival, and therefore it will also welcome artists from abroad.

The scenographic exhibition Salon is focused on professionals and people from any field who are interested in the development of Czech and Slovak theatre. Audience members are welcome as well as professionals and practitioners from the field of performing arts. Scenographic works are shown in the exhibition form, separated from their original intent and use: theatre. Therefore, as an essential part of the exhibition Salon 2018, a discussion of the exhibiting artists and “their” theoreticians will be held.
The off-programme is open to general public and offers the Exhibition Opening on 4th of May, International Symposium Half-life 4.1 in Reduta, Brno, Showcase of Contemporary Scenography S-how & T-ell and Guided Tours. The programme is organized by the Czech Organization of Scenographers and Theatre Architects and Technicians (ČOSDAT/ OISTAT) and Arts and Theatre Institute (IDU/ATI) in collaboration with The National Theatre Brno Reduta and Slovakian partners, Theatre Institute Bratislava and PRO SCENA association.

The exhibition and off-programme are organized with the financial support of The Brno City, Czech-German future fund and JAMU, Instytut teatralny Zbigniewa Raszewskiego and Hungarian OISTAT Center.
The exhibition catalogue The Salon of Czech and Slovak Scenography 2018 (soon to be published)