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Would you like to present your project at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in June 2015? Don’t hesitate and send us your proposals now! Besides the experimental Objects , Makers and Tribes exhibitions, we are also accepting submissions for the SpaceLab educational project, which is open to students and artists from around the world.

Are you an artist or an art school teacher or student? We offer the unique opportunity to submit your project to the Prague Quadrennial 2015, which will be held from 18 to 28 June 2015 in the historical center of Prague. The artistic concept of PQ 2015 includes not only country expositions, but also various project formats enabling the participation of individual artists. Our latest call for submissions is open to all artists who would like to lead workshops; the deadline for proposals is coming soon: 31 May 2014!

Individuals and art groups can also submit projects to the Objects and Makers exhibitions. Students from all fields (not just theater) can present their student performances in public space and on a theater stage as part of the SpaceLab project. Students and professional artists can also participate in the live exhibition called Tribes, which will take place in public and hidden-away spaces in the city center . The deadline for applications for these projects is 31 October 2014.

Individual calls for applications for the SpaceLab project

The SpaceLab educational project features workshops, performances, discussions and presentations by artists or students from around the world for thousands of other students and other PQ visitors. The submitted projects should reflect the main theme of PQ 2015, which explores theater as a shared space and scenography as a complex performative environment that touches on music, weather, and politics. The main venue for SpaceLab will be at Prague’s Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Karlova Street.


We are looking for artists from across the fields of visual and performing arts to lead workshops to vibrant international community of students and young professionals. We are seeking workshops not usually offered in schools that ideally combine at least two disciplines – one of them being performance design/scenography. We will also give special attention to workshops dealing with media, costume/body design, unusual and sustainable materials, and workshops taking place in public space.

All workshops proposals should be submitted through the registration form. Deadline for submission is May 31, 2014.

DISK Performances:

We are looking for current students and recent graduate companies to offer performances. We encourage work with a strong visual element, it can be high technology to no technology; it can be designed with a promenade or seated audience.

More information about the venue here. Please complete the registration form until October 31, 2014.

Street Performances:

We are looking for students and young artists from across the fields of visual and performing arts to bring their work to the Prague centre. Proposed projects should engage with the possibilities of using the street as a canvas to your work, embracing your setting and geographical location.

If you would like to submit a proposal for Street Performances please complete the registration form until October 31, 2014.

Individual calls for applications for the experimental exhibitions of the PQ´15


The Objects Exhibition aims to exhibit props and their stories, and is commissioned by the artist and architect Tomáš Svoboda (CZ). Artists are encouraged to provide props and their stories to be exhibited at Nová síň Gallery during the PQ 2015. We will exhibit not only the props themselves but also the stories by means of video installation.

Details of the proposal HERE.


The Makers Exhibition is a new, experimental addition to the main expositions of the Prague Quadrennial 2015 aiming to exhibit the living makers in the act of making. Each Makers team is asked to announce their theatrical theme in their food design when they apply for the Makers Exhibition. The theme should be a reference to an existing play or a performance. Individual Makers team will make a full performative food journey for the audience to see, smell, hear, eat and experience. The Makers Exhibition is commissioned by Rebekka A. Ingimundardottir, an Icelandic theater maker and scenographer.

Details of the proposal HERE.


In the Tribes Exhibition the artifacts of the exposition will be living people and the exhibitions’ scenography will be the public spaces of Prague. The Tribes will be invited to follow a designated route through more and less public spaces in the center of the city. Each Tribe will have an opportunity to present a 10 minutes performance on a public space stage. The Tribes Curator is PQ Artistic Director Sodja Zupanc Lotker (CZ).

Details of the proposal HERE.

The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is the largest scenography event in the world that explores a wide range of scenographic practices – from stage design and costume design to lighting design, sound design and new scenographic practices such as site-specific, applied scenography, urban performance, costume as performance, and much more. Traditionally, the eleven-day event is attended by thousands of artists from 80 countries and 50,000 visitors. The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015 will take place June 18 – 28, 2015 in Prague.


The main theme of the Prague Quadrennial 2015 is SharedSpace: Music, Weather Politics 2013–2016, which is common for international project the PQ is organizing in cooperation with 11 European partners. The core of the project are symposia, meetings and exhibitions throughout Europe and the project will culminate at Prague Quadrennial in June 2015 in Prague.


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