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Goldflamová Štětinová, Petra

* 1970, stage and costume designer, puppeteer, illustrator


Petra Goldflamová Štětinová studied Stage Design at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, DAMU. She is proud to be one of the students of professors Miroslav Melena and Petr Matásek, that were, according to her own words “the most important teachers”.

“I hope they are keeping an eye on me at least sometimes… both of them from above…Thank you!”

She likes to get her inspiration from the clouds, the sky, its variability and color scale – those are the same qualities which we can see in her stage design work. Whether she worked with Vladimír Morávek (Othello, Casio and Desdemona / Casio a Desdemona – Klicpera’s theatre in Hradec Králové), Akram Staněk (Prospaný život – ND Kolowrat), Sergej P. Fedotov (The Government Inspector / Revizor – Dejvické divadlo), Jürgen Esser (Der Fleck – G-H-T Zittau), or Jiří Menzel (Falstaff – State Theatre Košice), she is always able to combine her own artistic creativity, concept of the director and his requirements. After she completed her education in the studio of Melena and Matásek, she started working in Divadlo v Dlouhé, where she collaborated with Jan Borna, on a long term basis.

She of course works with Arnošt Goldflam the most.


„What does today’s scenography mean to you?“

„… confusion of tongues.“


„What artwork did you find interesting in the past few months“

„I’m fascinated by clouds (and sky in general) lately.

It’s shapes, colors and the scale of lights.

Clouds are my biggest inspiration.

From the theatre of past two or three years: An unforgettable experience from the Dejvické divadlo, A Blockage in the System.”