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Srpková, Karolína

* 1993, student of stage design


Karolína Srpková studied Polish Language and Literature at the Masaryk University in Brno. Since 2014, she is a student of Stage Design at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, in the studio of Jan Štěpánek. In 2014, she showed her work at the NOISECAT exhibition of performance costumes. She creates graphic designs and attends many specialized workshops (e.g. Stage lighting basics, 2014 / Using technical materials, 2014 / Workshop with Martina Zwyrtek – ROLE, 2016 / Costume workshop with Simona Rybáková, 2016 / Lighting design workshop, 2016). As a graphic and stage designer she collaborated on the following performances: Vávro, vidíš hvizdu? (Orlí Street Theatre, Brno, 2014), The taming of the shrew / Zkrocení zlé ženy (DIFA JAMU, Brno, 2016), Princess Hamlet / Princezna Hamlet (Feste Theatre, Brno, Specific 2016), Dog cemetery / Psí hřibitov (DIFA JAMU, Brno, 2016), God is a DJ / Bůh je DJ (Orlí Street Theatre, Brno, 2014) etc.

Learn more: http://lettresdecaroline.wixsite.com/portfolio



„What does today’s scenography mean to you?“

“For me, today’s scenography is a possibility to “manipulate” the audience in the desired direction. Each spectator should think about the topic and ask questions. Such scenography should provoke questions and create tension between the form and the meaning. Contemporary stage design is a polemic between history and the present. Between the precision of meaning and the visual precision.”