Česká organizace scénografů, divadelních architektů a techniků

Matýsek, Jan

* 1994, student of stage design


Jan Matýsek studies Master’s degree at JAMU in Brno, in the Stage Design studio of Jana Preková. Since 2016 he also studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT in Brno (Studio of Drawing and Graphic of Svatopluk Mikyta). During his studies, he attended several international workshops and symposiums (e.g. Sensorium 2017 – new media, Bratislava; 36Q° – lightning workshop, Prague). He also co-authored several scenographic solutions for theatre productions: Elektra (Theatre Studio Marta, director Michal Zetel, 2017), Síla zvyku (HaDivadlo, director Jan Horák and Michal Pěchouček, 2017), Mrtvý pes v čistírně: Silní (Theatre Studio Marta, director Juraj Marušic, 2016). The work of Jan Matýsek was exhibited at the Cestyvěz exhibition in the Cyril Gallery in Prostějov (2016). He also illustrated the collection of poems Spin by Nina Menkynová.


Learn more: http://jan-matysek.tumblr.com


„What artwork did you find interesting in the past few months“

„I get carried away with the meditative synthetics of Agnieszka Polska. I was also influenced by Faust by Anne Imhof, Liminals by Jeremy Show (based on Anne Halprin), the work of Sasha Pirog, or Bodies in urban spaces by Willi Dorner. I admire their work with the human body, approach to imagery, and the delicate connection of fine arts with movement, choreography into contemporary language.“


„What does today’s scenography mean to you?“

“Scenography is the image in an image of an image.”