Česká organizace scénografů, divadelních architektů a techniků

Stojčevski, Dragan

*1979, scénograf, doktorand v ateliéru scénografie na DAMU


Dragan Stojčevski was born in former Yugoslavia. He studied Stage Design at DAMU in Prague, in the studio of Jan Dušek and currently continues his studies in the Doctoral programme. Other than this education, he also completed an internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in the studio of Vladimír Kokolia. Other than theatre stage design, he also implemented several installations and artistic interventions in public space. He is intensively preoccupied with site-specific projects in the Czech republic and abroad, often with the artistic group Mamapapa. He created projects in archeological localities, museums, abandoned industrial zones or rural environments (Pergamon set, Pergamon museum Berin/  Bergama Turkey 2010/15, Pokoj, National museum in Pančevo, Serbia 2013 and In S(P)ite of Fire Belgrade, Serbia 2005). His latest theatre stage design work include: Dynasitie: Lehman Brothers (Husa na provázku Theatre, Brno 2017), Oresteia (Ostrov Štvanice, Prague 2016), The Mouse Paradise Experiment / Experiment myší ráj (The National Theatre, 2016), etc.


„What does today’s scenography mean to you?“

„A space that has the performative potential to evoke the situation or the narrative potential to tell stories. „